Family Constellations Workshop 11 May & Deep Learning Groups 8-9 June 2019

Family Constellation Workshop & Learning Groups with The Inner Process

Chaos & Connections

Towards silence, stillness, presence

These words below were written some years ago by me for an article. They seem so apt for these times of shifts and change that we go through now.

“… that in these times of extraordinary global crises, this constellations work is one way of being able to step back into ourselves, into the world, and out of the sense of overwhelm that seems to want to engulf us. It offers a way of re-connecting with ourselves and with others and with our environment that helps sustain rather than drain us. And of course, our family.”

Chaos & Connections
Image Credit: Blake Richard Verdoorn

Here is an invitation to come and join the upcoming 11th May 1-day workshop. Together we will explore the spaces that open and close in these extraordinary times of shifts and changes. When it seems that the world is in chaos and the meaning and sense has been covered over, buried. Hidden from us in our everyday lives. How do we hold our balance, how do we step into presence. How to again learn to live with expansive generosity, fearlessly.

Our living world is relational, systems within systems, overlapping and moving from simplicity to complexity. Meaning is in this complex overlapping and intertwining of systems and connections. There is rich information here, waiting to be revealed. If only we knew where to look, how to mine this rich complexity that is life…..within space out of time.

The weight and impact of past events – a trigger for the emergence of present chaos. The edges of a deeply buried body memory of fear, anxiety – of not knowing, not able to make sense of the swirling energies or the natural catastrophe that may have emerged. We are un-anchored – at sea in the chaos.

Workshop Details

This 11th May Family Constellations workshop offers 4 places for those wanting to work on a personal issue by setting up a constellation. With many more places for representatives to attend.

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Atlantic Road, Muizenberg, Cape Town
9:00 for 9:30 – 17:00
Book to set a constellation @ R1350
Book to set a constellation (early payment discount) @ R1150
Book to attend as representative @ R350
Book as repeat representative or in-training @ R250


2-Day Experiential Learning Groups

How do we begin to make sense of our lives?
How do we begin to know what we do not know?
How do we begin to make meaning of the inexplicable?

These are questions that our clients bring to us – often with a sense of quiet desperation. Where to begin. We begin with the system. Our system. For we cannot work with a client’s issue and their system if we do not understand our own system.

In this set of 3 weekends of Deep Learning Groups for 2019 we will continue to explore life at its deeper levels. However, this year each weekend will have a more defined focus. They may be attended individually or as a block of 3 weekends.

22nd & 23rd June
31st Aug & 1st Sept
23rd & 24th November

Each weekend will offer tools for creating space for intimate exploration of self, self in the family system, and exploration of the space that we occupy in the world.

“We will explore living images ‘held in the trance of time’, the frozen, stuckness of families, of relationships, of systems. Together we will learn how to develop and deepen a fine observation, to see an impulse for movement, to hear the echo of voices; to feel emotional textures and resonance of past events and discover how they continue to impact systems in the present.”

For more detail of the weekends, here are two links to The Inner Process website:

Deep Learning Group page

Description November DLG

A requirement for registration for Deep Learning Groups is prior attendance of 2 x open 1-day workshops.

For fees and early pay discounts please visit The Inner Process Bookings page, or click booking link below.


Link of interest

Be Still, Life: An Invitation to Living with Presence
A charming piece from Maria Popova at BrainPickings, illustrated. And a perfect fit for this newsletter and 11 May workshop. And lots more interesting links within the piece.

If there is a need for financial assistance please contact through The Inner Process contacts page.

Until we meet,

Robyn Lewis