Family Constellations Study Groups

What will this space offer?

 The Saturday afternoons stand-alone family constellations development Study Groups offer a space for a deepening of awareness through experiential learning and embodied support and connection. This way of journeying through space and time, in turn allows unexpected insights to emerge for individual and for group.

Fog bank rolling in
Behind, beside, beneath….

The work that we do on the day will arise out of the core spirit of the group as we explore the “how” of constellation work. The journey is shaped by the needs and wants of each individual as we explore ourselves and the spaces we inhabit in the world. Each participant will do silent personal work through the day in breakaway pairs or triads, coming back into and out of the larger group.

There will be space for one constellation to be set up together with some exploratory discussion after the piece.
Through this process of sharing presence, each group will take on their own rhythm and form as we travel together: deepening listening; heightening sensory awareness; and deepening a sense of self.

Feedback from a former participant

The study group meetings have been enriching and expanding. [This] way of working has brought me new ways of seeing and feeling. …..has showed me a dimension of the work which is non verbal, non thinking but sensing and resting in openness. JSR

These stand-alone groups are useful for individuals in several different ways

Personal development
For those new to family constellation work; for therapists from other modalities to experience this way of working and to add some practical tools for integration into their own  modality.

Somatic Integration
For those who have previously done a one-on-one process or set up a constellation at a previous workshop – these groups offer a holding and support that allows a process already experienced, to deepen and continue the new movement through the body.

For someone who feels a need to gain more clarity on their issue before setting up a constellation

Expanding awareness
For anyone who would wants to expand their awareness of self, other and how they are in the world.

Working facilitators
For family constellations facilitators who are already working in the field and would like to remain connected and grounded in the work.

Facilitators in training
For those in a family constellations foundation or advanced training, these sessions offer a further opening of a systemic understanding and additional experience of phenomenological practice.

The Study Group space and the work that is held by the group, is for me, deeply satisfying; I am enriched and expanded by the work, and it seems that others are too.