Family Constellations: Deep Learning Study Groups

Beginning in 2018 was a new series of Deep Learning Groups (the original Study Groups began in 2011). The 2019 series builds on this and again is held by 3 x weekend workshops through the year: June, August and November, Saturday and Sunday from 09:30 – 17:00.

Deep Learning Groups
Reflections (Image credit: Ahmed Radwan)

These groups will be for those who already have some experience of constellation work (minimum requirement is attendance of at least 2 full day workshops). These weekends will offer a space for deepening knowledge of self and for the deepening of personal work as a practitioner, in the wider systemic and family constellation field. We will work in the in-between spaces, in the cracks that open within the foundations of this work. In these cracks we will go, diving deep.

“Our western system of intelligence began by dividing the world into equally fragmentary facts and events. It stressed the integrity of objects and the independence of ideas. It set things apart from one another, but it has always been strangely reluctant to acknowledge the existence of the spaces in between”. Lyall Watson from Gifts of Unknown Things (1976)

What will this space offer?

These expanded systemic constellations Deep Learning Groups offer an intimate space for a deepening of aware consciousness through experiential learning and embodied support and connection, through a process of shared presence.

We will work alternately through the day with words and with silence. Stillness and movement. Becoming aware of awareness. Deepening a listening, to our inner and our outer worlds. Sensing and feeling into the immediacy of each moment. Exploring ourselves and the spaces that we inhabit in the world. Reflecting and resting, working in dyads and triads. Moving into connection.

We will explore what this word presence means in our lived life. What is the difference in quality of a “felt” sense, of the state of being present, to that of not being present. And how does that difference between being present and not being present, impact on the way we engage with ourselves and others? Through this door of awareness, we come into direct contact with the foundation that systemic constellations work rests upon.

There will be feedback and questions after each piece of paired work, and after the constellations that may emerge on the day. You will also be invited to bring whatever questions emerge from the monthly one day workshops, into these smaller Learning Groups, for reflection and deepening wisdom of the body and the heart.

Feedback from former participants

I deeply appreciate the sharing of intimate journeys that goes on, the careful probing people do of themselves and the spaces between. CU

The study group meetings have been enriching and expanding. [This] way of working has brought me new ways of seeing and feeling. …..has showed me a dimension of the work which is non verbal, non thinking but sensing and resting in openness. JSR

We will also explore the overlaps of other ways of working creatively in the world. Together we will create pools of discovery; of books and writing that moves us; of film that delights and opens up interior spaces. Together, in-between the deep dives, we will have fun exploring fiction, music and creativity. And the art of constellation work. These tools and themes will thread through the work that we will do over the 3 weekends.

The maximum number for the group will be 10.

Dates for 2019 Learning Groups

June 8th & 9th
August 31st & September 1st
November 23rd & 24th

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