Family Constellations: Deep Learning Study Groups

Beginning in July is a new series of half-day Deep Learning Study Groups. The 2017 series is held by 7 x half-day sessions, Saturdays from 12:30 – 16:00. The series begins with an open introductory half-day session, 22nd July.

 What will this space offer?

These Saturday afternoon family constellations Deep Learning Study Groups offer an intimate space for people to begin to explore the deeper levels of self through a process of shared presence. The group offers a holder that will support a deepening of awareness through experiential learning and embodied support and connection. We will explore ourselves, the constellation work and the spaces we inhabit in the world.

Fog bank rolling in
Behind, beside, beneath….

There will be space for one constellation to be set up. After the constellation there will be reflection and questions. Through this process of sharing presence, each session will take on its own rhythm and form as we travel together: deepening listening; heightening sensory awareness; and deepening a sense of self.

This group will be for those who already have some experience of constellation work (minimum requirement is prior attendance of at least 2 full day workshops); for constellation facilitators who are already working in the field and would like to remain connected and grounded; personal work. Maximum number for the group will be 8 people.

We will also be using whatever emerges from each of the monthly one day workshops – bringing the work into these smaller groups for reflection and deepening wisdom.

Feedback from a former participant

The study group meetings have been enriching and expanding. [This] way of working has brought me new ways of seeing and feeling. …..has showed me a dimension of the work which is non verbal, non thinking but sensing and resting in openness. JSR

They will be more directed and structured in terms of content, but in form these sessions will follow the essence of the Study Groups begun early 2013.  A commitment of attendance for all 6 of the following sessions is a requirement.


Aug 26th +2 Sept (@R100 / R125 per single session advance payment 6 sessions)
Oct 21st + 28th
Dec 2nd +9th

Booking link for 6 x Deep Learning Study Groups