Family Constellations Workshop 20 October 2018 Cape Town

Family Constellations Workshop with The Inner Process

Fathers and Sons

The generational presence and absence of fathers, past and present

To be a man is to be part of
this chain of gratitude and remembering,
of blame and forgetting, of surrender and rebellion…

Quote from The Return by Hisham Matar

Fathers and Sons
Image by Robert de Bock (Skuawk)

But what if instead there is a sense of absence, of a void, of empty space instead of generations of bodies, generations of men who stand behind the son, in the present time? How is it for sons to feel the support of a father, and the generations of fathers who stand behind. And how it is when there is an absence.

Fathers’ support, present or absent

When there is no sense of generational support, no wisdoms handed down over the years, no father to hand on the learnings of how to become a man in the world; these are the dynamics that we will explore. We will look at the impacts of absence on the lives of the present and generational family, especially the sons. For the impact on the sons, the men in the family has a reach of generations, and a more present impact on each member of the family of origin, on sisters, siblings and mother.

An emotionally available father not only provides a sense of comfort and safety, but can provide the growing male with a day-to-day example of what it means to exhibit both strength and vulnerability. – Oshan Gadsden


Over time, I came to understand …….. the multi-dimensional effects of not having my father in my life. – from Growing Up Fatherless, Oshan Gadsden

The roles that both father and mother play form complex patterns of overlapping experience for the boy as he grows into his place in the world, and will serve as a guide for how he steps into foundational views of life and beliefs of being in the world.

Caught between anger and vulnerability

The discussion in this article The Mother Wound as a Missing Link to Understanding Misogyny, by Bethany Webster uncovers another layer of social conditioning that boys and men meet.

Many complex factors go into how one’s mother wound manifests and where one falls on that spectrum. For men, it comes down to the specific dynamics that played out between a boy and his mother, as well as how the father supported or thwarted that primary connection.

Learning how to build an inner awareness and connect with levels of suppressed emotions and anger, learning that vulnerability is not a weakness, but a strength.

This full day workshop offers a space for those sons or daughters, mothers or fathers, sisters or brothers, who feel a need to explore and begin to understand, how presence or absence (of a father or of a mother) impacts each member of a family system.

There are 4 workshop places offered for those wanting to work on a personal issue by setting up a constellation. And as always many more places to attend as a representative.

Atlantic Road, Muizenberg, Cape Town

9:00 for 9:30 – 17:00

Book to set a constellation @ R1250
Book to set a constellation (early payment discount) @ R1050
Book to attend as representative @ R350
Book as repeat representative or in-training @ R200


Experiential Training

Deep Learning Group 24 – 25 November 2018

In response to requests, this November group (the final of 2018) will include and review underlying systemic principles together with the experiential exercises.

This weekend space offers intimate exploration of self, self in the family system, and of the space that we occupy in the world. Each exercise will be followed with feedback and reflection.

This November weekend will be preparation for trainings and learning groups in 2019.



Until we meet within the work,

Robyn Lewis

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