Family Constellations Workshop 19 January 2019 Cape Town

One Day Family Constellation Workshop with The Inner Process

Leaning into Life

Moving into, through, towards

We will be attuned to whatever will support change, whatever will support a movement towards the future, away from what is stuck in the past. In this way, free of the old story and beyond the words, we will move towards [uncovering and moving through] long standing life issues.

The Inner Process

Leaning into Life : moving towards
Image credit: Erico Marcelino (Unsplash)

This full day workshop offers a space for those who stand on the edge of change. An invitation to come and honour what draws to an end, and open a space for what is about to begin.

Experience the profound depth that is reached with this trans-generational journeying through past and into present time. Come and stand in the past and then feel how it is to follow a rising impulse, a movement into the present.

Generational energy and the group

Feel the support from your generational family and the energy and generosity of support from the group, as you begin to move out of the “stuckness” of the past. Begin exploring the space and the edges of the possibilities of change.

Uncover what is hidden & holds you stuck in past time so that you may move into a new spaciousness. Experience the changes in body and movement as you follow your impulse to move more fully into the present, and into your future.

This 19th January workshop offers 4 places for those wanting to work on a personal issue by setting up a constellation. And many more places for representatives to attend.


If there is a need for financial assistance please contact through The Inner Process contacts page

The Forge, 12 Windsor Road, Kalk Bay, Cape Town (TBC)

9:00 for 9:30 – 17:00

Book to set a constellation @ R1350 (discounts available for early booking)
Book to attend as representative @ R350
Book as repeat representative or in-training @ R250

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