Family Constellation Learning Group 21-22 April-Workshop 26 May

Family Constellation Learning Group & One Day Workshop with The Inner Process

Love and Entanglement: Family secrets and hidden dynamics

‘Quantum information is like the information of a dream,…we can’t show it to others, and when we try to describe it we change the memory of it.’

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Events during April and May

There are 2 events coming, that will hold a space where we can begin to see entanglements in different systems, and how these stuck, entangled threads of energy impact us and the system in this present time (for these entanglements are often rooted in past generations).

The Deep Learning Group and the 1-Day Workshop Love and Entanglement offer different settings, or containers for the work. However the way that we will work in these 2 settings (exploring entanglement in the Learning Group, and working with love and entanglement in a family system), will be the same.

April 21st and 22nd – Deep Learning Group #1

The first Deep Learning Group weekend will be at The Forge in Kalk Bay, Cape Town. For detailed information re venues and fees go to the Bookings page. Visit the Deep Learning Study Group page to read more about the way we will work.

During this first weekend we will work with the ‘how’ of doing constellations. We will work experientially, learning how to access information through our bodies, without words; through our senses, through deep observation and aware connections to ourselves and each other. Learning how to ‘see’ the invisible, how to uncover what is not ordinarily ‘seen’ in our usual surface day-to-day living.

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Levels of entanglement, different levels of reality

There are 2 links in this newsletter. One to a memoir; a story of generational entanglement. The other is to an article embedded in quantum physics and the entanglement of subatomic particles.

The words in the opening quote at the top of this page, are attributed to *Charles Bennett, an information physicist, in an article in the New Yorker, discussing quantum mechanics and describing quantum entanglement.

Here is another quote that we as systemic constellation practitioners and our clients may recognize:

“Entangled particles have a kind of E.S.P.: regardless of distance, they can instantly share information that an observer cannot even perceive is there. Input into a quantum computer can thus be dispersed among entangled qubits [particles], which lets the processing of that information be spread out as well: tell one particle something, and it can instantly spread the word among all the other particles with which it’s entangled.”

The importance of the knowing of this other level of reality is that this knowledge allows a trust and a beginning of a deeper understanding of the ‘how’ of the work of systemic constellations. That firstly it is not divorced from life, it is life. That is what we, as constellation facilitators, and you as a client, are working with, when a constellation is set up. What the client sets up is an externalised image of their family system (an image sometimes buried deep in the unconscious, but is nevertheless known at the somatic level). This systemic image offers a living representational picture of a system and of the connections and relationships within a system, embedded in a life.

What may also follow from this knowing of other levels of reality, is that we may rest in the trusting of the work and what emerges in each constellation that we facilitate. Trusting in the energy that begins to change or flow through the system, as each hypothesis is tested by the facilitator, or as we wait for movement from the representatives. This will be how we will work in the workshop setting 26th May.

May 26th Family Constellation 1-Day Workshop

Love and Entanglement : Family secrets and hidden dynamics

“There’s information that we can’t perceive when it’s held among entangled particles; that information is their collective secret.”…..”Once observed, qubits [particles] are no longer in a state of entanglement…”

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‘Auschwitz, memory and truth: how trauma passes down the generations’

The excerpt below is from this article written by Alison Pick. Her story unwinds layers of trauma, secrets and lives unspoken. She writes….

“Intergenerational trauma can be difficult to make sense of. It is like saying that, 80 years ago, my grandmother tripped on an apple core and now my ankle is sprained as a result. This transmission of trauma has been corroborated with research. The legacy of the Holocaust was influencing – three generations later – my daily experience of being alive.”

Read the complete article in The Guardian.

In a workshop the power of the images and the movements of the representatives are seen, felt by the issue holder. Here is where the entanglements of love, loyalties and secrets may be uncovered.

There are 4 places available for booking a constellation to work on personal issues, and many more places for representatives to attend. For more information about the constellation workwhat happens in the workshops, and the history of constellations, follow the links.


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Looking forward to meeting and working together at the weekend Learning Group and in the Workshop.