Family & Systemic Constellations Workshop 27 August Cape Town

One Day Family Constellations Workshop with The Inner Process

Past and Present Voices from the Family System, Inherited Memory

Do you ever experience strong, seemingly inappropriate emotions?

Do you sometimes feel trapped in un-explainable patterns of behaviour?

A wave is born from deep conditions of the ocean, … A person is born from deep conditions of the world.” Quote from A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki

Pic: TimMarshall
Into the deep

Yes we are “born from deep conditions of the world” and the first condition of the world is that we are born into an already existing family system that stretches across generations and across time. How do we explore and uncover hidden loyalties, life events and family history buried in the past?

Using the Family Constellations modality we are able to do exactly that. It offers a way of working across generational time, exploring bonding, belonging, loyalties and love.

In this one day family constellations workshop we will work with the deep, unconscious inner image that we have of ourselves within our families. In this space out of time we will more easily access our often unused sensing abilities, those abilities that come before thinking, judging, analysing, interpreting.

Come and experience the profound depth that is reached with this transgenerational journeying through time and generations of your family system. The family constellation process offers a way of uncovering these powerful forces through the setting out of a living, moving image of your family.

Venue:   Muizenberg, Cape Town
Date: Saturday 27th August 2016

Fee:  R900 for those setting up a constellation
R300 for those representing /observing
R150 for repeat attenders

We will together work with your personal issue that is very often embedded in the past. We will work with the innate wisdom of your generational family ‘field‘ of information and slowly uncover what has been hidden. The system will slowly soften and breathe. A way opens for movements towards resolving the old destructive patterns and bonds.

Supporting the flow of love

We will also be attuned to whatever will support change, whatever will support a movement towards the future, away from what is stuck in the past. Whatever will support the flow of love in the family system. In this way, free of the old story and beyond the words, we will move towards resolution of long standing life issues.

There will be an opportunity for participants to work on individual issues by setting up their own constellation, or to attend as a representative / observer. Attending the day as a representative is in itself a rich experience.


For more information of the ‘how’ and of what happens in a workshop more here.

This post ends with a link to an article by Doreen Carvajal: In Andalusia, on the Trail of Inherited Memories. Here she explores the resonance of secrets and memories over generations, in her own family.

Doreen Carvajal is also the author of “The Forgetting River: A Modern Tale of Survival, Identity and the Inquisition.”