Family Constellations Workshop 25 November 2017 Cape Town

One Day Family Constellation Workshop with The Inner Process

Bonding, belonging & this thing called love

She reminded him of this thing called ‘love’. She told him that even though there were times it didn’t seem possible – times when you’d much sooner find fault and hate these were the times you most needed to love. He was family, and there was a rule that family get a share of love from each other just by being born of the same blood.

Quote from Disco for the Departed by Colin Cotterill

Bonding, belonging & this thing called love
Image credit: NASA/ESA/ Hubble

We are indeed bound to our families through love. Our need to belong and to love and be loved impacts directly on how fully we are able to live our lives in the present.

Each individual born into a family system has the right to belong, those living and those dead. Out of this relational, generational system that we are born into, out of this bonding, grows also a collective conscience. A conscience that works to ensure that there is a balance in the wider system, built up over generations of relational exchanges, of a giving and a taking.

However when someone takes too much, or someone is excluded or forgotten, or has a difficult fate and is not seen or honoured, the wider system attempts to find a balance so that there is justice for all, to belong and to be seen and acknowledged.

The consequences that may flow from these deep binding ties and hidden loyalties are that you, in the present generation can become trapped, or in the words of Bert Hellinger, entangled in powerful hidden systemic forces that operate within your wider generational family system.

Come and join us in this one day constellations workshop where we will explore these entanglements of love and loyalties, often embedded in the past. Once uncovered and seen, the release enables a stepping more fully into the present.

The Forge, Kalk Bay, Cape Town

9:00 for 9:30 – 17:00

Book to set a constellation @ R1050
Book to set a constellation @ R980 [reduction of fee if paid by 17th June]
Book to attend as representative @ R300
Book as repeat representative or in-training @ R150

REGISTER for workshop November 25th 2017

There are 4 places open for issue holders on the day, for setting up a personal constellation, with space for many more representatives.

New to the work?
For those of you who have never experienced a constellation workshop I would like to let you know of the warm, intimate, safe and very holding quality that the constellation circle provides for each person who chooses to work.

And if you are not certain whether you want to, or are not yet ready to set up a constellation yourself, attend the workshop as a representative / observer in the holding circle. The experience of representing in someone else’s constellation is deeply moving.

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