Family Constellations Workshop 17th March 2018 Cape Town

One Day Family Constellation Workshop with The Inner Process

Widening the Horizon of all Possibilities

“…… to be lost is to be fully present, and to be fully present is to be capable of being in uncertainty and mystery.”  Rebecca Solnit : A Field Guide to Getting Lost
the horizon of possibilities
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Come and feel what happens to your body when you are able to step into the present, into the immediate, aware moment. Fear consumes and constricts the body, and the heart. This constriction of fear and anxiety of living closes us down to even the small joys of life. The heart closes, and even if we look at another we do not ‘see‘ them. And therefore we cannot meet them fully in relationship.

These states of being  take you away from the present – from your body, from yourself. Your horizon of awareness, shrinks; your view of the world is diminished. How to make meaning of your world when you can only see a small slice of it?

What does make life worth living? 

Life is relational. Our relationships and the ways that we are in connection with others, feeds and nurtures us. Gives us joy, allows the heart to open, for ourselves and for the other, who then can feel that they are really ‘seen‘. What a gift to be able to give and to receive.

The horizon widens and understanding deepens an opening up of many more possibilities of meaning and ways of living in the world. What has been hidden may now be revealed in this widening world now rich with meaning.

Stand in your place of belonging

Come and join this Family Constellation Workshop Saturday 17th March. Experience what it is like to stand in your place in your family: your birth family and your present family. And stand in your place in your work and in the world, at ease with not knowing.
The quote below is from a piece written by a Constellation colleague, Suzi Tucker: The Beauty of Doubt
The ancestors are representatives themselves, even as we represent them in Constellations, for intrinsic resonance and integration. In the call and response between us and them, both are held, and the future is invited to unfold rather than replay. Constellations allow us to know these deepest positions and pleasures. They show us the living genogram and our places in it. They invite us to know the depth of our significance – and then leave the choice with us.
Come and stand in that place of ease and support and belonging. That space from where the horizon of possibilities opens outwards into an emergent, alive future. But first allow yourself “…to be lost…“, to let go of your old stories that have kept you attached to the past.
… be lost is to be fully present. To be bewildered is to have the senses confused so much so that they are fully heightened, alive. Poet, Emilia Philips

 The relationship between mind, body, brain and heart

 Our inner selves are in relationship with complex connections between mind, brain and body, with states of being in our worlds emerging from these relationships.  The quote below comes from an article in Quartz that explores a conversation between these connections.

After much discussion, they decided that a key component of the mind is: “the emergent self-organizing process, both embodied and relational, that regulates energy and information flow within and among us.” It’s not catchy. But it is interesting, and with meaningful implications.

The most immediately shocking element of this definition is that our mind extends beyond our physical selves. In other words, our mind is not simply our perception of experiences, but those experiences themselves. [Dan] Siegel argues that it’s impossible to completely disentangle our subjective view of the world from our interactions.

 In this Family Constellation workshop on Saturday 17th March, we will explore all these relationships and connections of life in many different ways. You as a participant may come as an issue holder, to set up your own family constellation. Or you may come as someone who will represent and witness the constellations that are set up by those working on own issues. However you attend, the day is always full of rich experience and deeply touching work. The constellations touch each of us in the room quite simply through the shared experience of being human.
For more information of the ‘how’ and of what happens in a workshop continue reading here

Details of Workshop

VENUE (changed to…)
Atlantic Road, Muizenberg, Cape Town (contact organiser for detail)

9:00 – 17:30

Book to set a constellation @ R1250
Book to set a constellation @ R1050 [early pay discount – 2 weeks before workshop]
Book to attend as representative @ R350
Book as repeat representative @ R200

Please note early payment fee reduction for booking a personal constellation, if booked and paid 2 weeks in advance of the workshop date.


If there is a need for financial assistance please contact through The Inner Process contacts page

Looking forward to meeting you all on the day.