Family Constellations Deep Learning 18-19 August Cape Town

Family Constellation Training with The Inner Process

Diving Deep

Who can tell what will happen, what mystery may be unveiled, what miracle may be revealed, what adventure started, or empty nothingness disclosed?

But shall we fling a bridge across this separate chasm and, opening our doors at either end, approach and see?

E Graham Howe (an initiating founder of the Tavistock clinic)

Mountains, lake and moon
Image credit: Daiwei Lu (Unsplash)

The August Deep Learning Group will be a journey through a past and present timeline, an adventure of discovery; a quiet, careful exploration of self and the world, working in dyads and triads and within the group.

Stepping into Systems

We will adventure into systems and experience what they are, or what they may become. We will experience the rhythm of a system, by feeling it, by speaking to it. We will begin to be in rhythm through our bodies, using our bodies we will become a rhythm, stepping into the wisdom of the system.

Here is a link to an article titled Dancing With Systems’ written by Dr. Donella Meadows, a Pew Scholar in Conservation and Environment. She was part of a team at MIT who were using these, then fairly new systemic tools to go deeper into an understanding of environmental issues.

Systemic Constellation work is for a constellations facilitator, firstly embedded in family systems. However systems are systems, whether environmental or people, both embedded within the wider systemic web of life. Donella Meadows writes wonderfully of systems and with a deep knowledge. The above article, ‘Dancing With Systems’ is a delight to read as well as a presentation of the attributes of a system.

The ‘Doing’ of Systemic Constellations

We will explore the ‘how’ of doing constellations. We will work with direct, immediate experience, learning how to access information through our bodies, without words; through our senses, through deep observation and aware connections to ourselves and each other.

We will learn how to ‘see’ the invisible, how to uncover what is not ordinarily ‘seen’ in our usual surface day-to-day living.

We will play with boundaries: personal, family, cultural, geo-political (and within different personal and public settings).

We will walk our time-lines of doing and being. And of family, into the past, back to the present. And then into a future.

Who are these groups for?

The small group offers an intimate space for deepening knowledge of self and other. This space is also for practicing facilitators to deepen their own work in the field, and to explore the wider systemic constellation field.

The Groups are for those who already have some experience of Family Constellation work through attending open workshops.

This is the second in the 2018 series of Deep Learning Groups; each may be attended as stand-alone or both remaining weekends. The final Deep Learning Group will be the weekend of November 24-25.

Atlantic Road, Muizenberg, Cape Town

Saturday 09:00 for 9:30 -16:30
Sunday 09:00 for 09:30 -16:00 (earlier finish)

Full fee is R1,000 for each weekend.

November 24-25 Deep Learning Group is the final weekend for 2018. Please do note the generous reductions for early fee payment.

Registration Deep Learning Groups

For more information contact Robyn through The Inner Process contacts page.